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Quintessence is Space

*Quintessence is the unseen field
that permeates the universe.
Quintessence is so high, there is nothing above It.

It is so deep, there is nothing below it.
Quintessence enfolds the entire Universe,
but Itself has no outside or inside.

It is hollow like an overturned bowl,
and has no obstruction, or border.
The Way of quintessence is uncontrived,

yet there is nothing It does not do.
It can be witnessed only by the mind,
and cannot be known from physical knowledge.

All particles were brought about by sound waves,
of which the sounding Ohm, is the base foundation
of the emanated - seen, and unseen universe.

Objects and particles manifested by uncountable
emanated sound wave vibrations called utterances,
during the primordial manifestation,
that is Vac - that is, sound-waves, songs - emanating,
forming particles, elements, substances,

wherein each select sound-wave-form or song
holds, keeping true to itself.
Its validity holding, by, and through
its sound-utterance - Vac frequency.

Each sung frequency holding true, by its
self-complete, integral utterance-that is, vac.
Even as all leaves come from a stem,
even all words come from the sound 'Ohm.'

The sounding Ohm becomes the whole universe.
Ohm is, in truth - the Universe. 2.23.2
Thus how great is the infinity - of Chi/Spirit. 3.12.5
All this universe is in truth - Chi/Spirit.

Thus Chi/Spirit is the beginning, end, and Life of all.
Mankind in truth is made of vision,
and as his vision in this life, so he becomes.
With vision and belief - let him go and accomplish.

Consciousness/Spirit is mind, life, Truth,
and Vast Space - enfolding the universe...
And in this Consciousness/Spirit are those
who have vision, and belief. 3.14

We should consider - that in the inner world
Spirit/Quintessence - is Consciousness:
And we should consider - that in the outer world,
Spirit/Quintessence - is Space."

These are the two concepts to contemplate. 3.18.1

Excerpts from Chan Dogya Upanishad - 800-550 BC:   Continued in Part 1 & 3.   Top Menu