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' What Is  vs  What Is Not - Ale Theia
The 'Lost' Parmenides

The goddess concludes ..

"Noble young man:
Only one way is left to speak of,
namely, that - It is.

Along this way are many signs,
that What Is - is ungenerated,
indestructible, unmovable,
unique, Complete.

Because It never was -
nor will become,
since It is the Now - the All at once.
Just - One - continuous.

Thus, of what creation will you seek for It?
How did It develop? And from what source?
You cannot say, or even think It originated from
What is not.

For it is not possible to speak of, or to even think of, What is not.
And if it had come from nothing,
what prompted It to arise, so that It now exists?

And common sense does not allow something to arise from nothing,
that is, coming forth from that which is not - non existence.
from that which does not exist.

How did It arrive into Its own existence?
For if It came into existence in the past,
or if It was going to exist in the future,

It then is that, which does not exist, or ever existed.
Thus the idea of generation is non-viable,
and the idea of annihilation is not credible,

for Itself is not divisible,
because It is entirely All that exists.

Nor is there more of Itself at any time,
nor less of Itself at another,
which would prevent its own continuity,

but, the All there is - is full - of what All there Is - is.
Moreover, It is without a beginning, and without an ending,
since Its generation, and annihilation are not true.

It is actually immobile in Its bonds of great gravity.
remaining the same, in, and of,
Its own self-sameness;
It abides by, and of Itself - staying complete.

For necessity keeps It in parimeters with
a gravitational force, which holds It around.
And thus, What is, is there, to be thought of.

There is no comprehension of non-existence,
and there is nothing apart from It.
Eternity holds It One, and changeless.

This What-is, has been called the All.
That Is - the All there is.
It is what people have contemplated on,

in their contemplation of truth,
of birth and death, of being, and non being.
Moreover since Itself is changeless,

It is complete in every direction,
like the bulk of a well-rounded sphere,
is equally balanced in every direction.

For It cannot be more here, and less there.
since It is all continuous - being equal to Itself
in every direction, and resting uniformly in
Its Own self continuity.

Noble young man:
Here I end my truth-filled discourse
and thoughts concerning Truth.

From this point on, learn the theories of men.
Listen to their deceptive de-arrangement
of all my truth-filled words.

For what can be thought of,
is the same,  as what can be.
Therefore contemplate on what is not,

because, what is not does not nullify
or over-ride that which is.
What is not neither scatters

in any direction in anyway,
nor does what is not, gather together
from any direction.

But this I bid you ponder:
What can be spoken of - and thought of - exists.
For this it does - and can only exist.

But 'nothing' - has no existence whatsoever,
and can not,  and does  not exist;
nor,  has it ever.

It does not matter to me where ever
I begin - for there again, I shall return once more.
  'I Am'."

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The above verses are from the 'lost' pages of the Parmenides - Ale Theia. The complete
Parmenides, that is 'The Way' of Truth was originally taught by Xena/Asphasia 'the Phoenician' in Greece - 550 BCE